Your customers depend on the freshness and quality of your meats when feeding their families. Northern Beef can source any cut, grade, or brand from our extensive network of suppliers that our customers want. Below is a sampling of products available in half load quantities (21,000 lbs) and as full loads (42,000 lbs).

2 pc Chuck Bone In & Boneless Top Blade
Blade Chuck Top Butts
Neck Off Blade Chuck Sirloin Flap
Fore Shanks Ball Tip, Tri Tip
Chuck Shoulder Clods Blade Meat
Bone In Chuck Shoulder Clods Hind Shanks
Bone In & Boneless Neck Off Chuck Rolls Inside Skirts
Brisket Outside Skirts
Back Ribs Utility Skirts
Short Ribs Thin Skirts
COV Back Ribs Pectoral Muscle
3 way Chuck Pectoral Trim
Bone In Round Loin Tail
2 pc Round Lamb Square Cut Shoulder
Boneless Round Lamb Shank
Cap On Knuckles Lamb Leg
Peeled Knuckles Lamb Loin
Inside Round Lamb Square Cut Breasts
Denuded Inside Round Select & Commodity Hams
Gooseneck Round Skin On Pork Bellies
Bottom Round Flat Derined Pork Bellies
Eye of Round


Please contact us today to inquire about how Northern Beef Industries can serve you.


Non U.S. Meat:

Austrailian/New Zealand IW Steer Shoulder Clods
Austrailian/New Zealand IW Steer Peeled Knuckles  
Austrailian/New Zealand IW Bull Peeled Knuckles  
Austrailian/New Zealand Steer Skirts  
Austrailian/New Zealand Boneless 95% Trim  
Austrailian/New Zealand Boneless 90% Trim  
Austrailian/New Zealand Ox Lips