Of particular value to our customers is the range of products that we have available. Offals, also known as by-products and variety meats, are items that Northern Beef specializes in. We understand the difference in market cycles, which helps us to better server our customers. Below is a sampling of products available in half load quantities (21,000 lbs), as a full load (42,000 lbs), a container (52,000 lbs) or a rail car (125,000 lbs).

Pork Cheek Meat Beef Cheek Meat
#1 Beef Feet Skin On Lamb Heads
#2 Beef Feet Skin On Pork Feet
Beef Feet Skin Off Pork Hocks
Cow Feet Pork Salivary Glands
Beef Head Meat Pork Belly Skins (Flat Packed)
Beef Whole Heads Pork Hams Skins
Beef Hearts Pork Brisket Bones (Regular & Full Cut)
Beef Kidneys Pork Neck Bones
Beef Ox Lips (Cow & Steer) Pork Skin On Back Fat
Select 2 Pc Livers Pork Skinless Back Fat
S & D Livers Pork Snouts
Regular 2 Pc Livers Pork Stomachs
Ox Tails Pork Tails
Beef Sweetbreads Pork Green Boneless Tongues
Beef Tongues Pork Uteri
Beef Tripas Cow Tripe (Scalded & Chem Free)
Cow Tripas Beef Tripe (Scalded & Chem Free)
Whole Hog Heads Pork Brains (Bulk, Cup)
Beef Omasum Tripe Beef Honeycomb Tripe (Cow, Steer, & Chem Free)


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