When it comes to processing meat, your products can only be as good as what you start with. We provide our customers with the freshest, highest quality meat made by the brands you prefer. With our extensive network of well-known suppliers, you can be sure your product labels are backed by a solid reputation and great tasting ingredients. Below is a sampling of products available in half load quantities (21,000 lbs) and as full loads (42,000 lbs).

Beef 50% Trim  
50% Steak Trim  
65% Sirloin Trim  
Boneless Deckles  
75% Veal Trim  
Bacon Ends & Pieces  
Pork Cushion Meat  
42% Pork Trim (Fresh/Frozen)  
72% Pork Trim (Fresh /Frozen)  
Pork Boneless Picnics  
Pork Skinless & Rough Jowls(Fresh/Frozen)  
Pork Ham Trim  


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